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Operational Audit and Organizational Development for business and nonprofit projects in Eastern Europe / Central Asia
7E Consulting
7E Consulting
7E Consulting is a boutique firm registered in California, with teams in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We specialize in operational audit, organizational development, marketing, and project management both in a nonprofit and for-profit world. We understand culture of post communists developing countries and most of our specialists speak both English and Russian languages.
We focus on:
  • Effectiveness
    How effective is the organization in achieving its goals and objectives?
  • Efficiency
    Is the use of inputs and other resources being maximized to achieve goals and objectives in a productive manner?
  • Economy
    What is the price paid for organizational resources?
  • Excellence
    Is all work being performed with high quality?
  • Ethics
    Are organizational practices aligned with ethical values and principles?
  • Equity
    How is the treatment of others with dignity and respect being ensured within the organization?
  • Ecology
    What is the ecological impact of organizational practices and how can they be made more sustainable?
Whom we serve
At 7E Consulting, we specialize in providing support to business and nonprofits working on projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We recognize that both nonprofit organizations and businesses and investors face unique challenges when they fund, manage, or invest in activities on the other side of the world:
  • Without quality operational audit it is hard to evaluate the results and identify risk factors
  • Partners need regular encouragement and development, and online meetings are not enough
  • It is not always possible to allocate personnel to travel to foreign countries
  • Without physical presence, reports don’t provide enough data to evaluate the effectiveness of a program or operation
  • Cultural differences and language barriers create communication and management challenges
  • Managing operations in unfamiliar environments can be challenging and risky. Limited access to reliable data and information can hinder strategic decision-making
To help our clients overcome these challenges
7E Consulting:
  • Provide local expertise and boots-on-the-ground support to help you manage projects effectively from afar
  • Offer valuable insights to navigate cultural differences
  • Ensure that your projects are running smoothly and achieving their intended impact, helping you make a positive difference in the world
  • Provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs and challenges, helping you achieve your mission and goals
Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a business or investor, we are committed to supporting your goals and helping you achieve success in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Let us help you navigate through the challenges of managing projects or operations in these regions and unlock the full potential of your work.
Our Services
  • 1
    Operational Audit
    Our expert team will assess your operations on 7E dimensions: effectiveness, efficiency, economy, excellence, ethics, equity, and ecology to identify areas of improvement and minimize risks.
  • 2
    Financial and performance data analysis
    We provide expert analysis of financial and performance data for both businesses and nonprofits. Our services include evaluating financial statements, ratios, trends, and benchmarks to help you make informed decisions that improve your organization's financial performance and operational efficiency.
  • 3
    Strategy Development and Implementation
    We help you develop and implement strategies that are tailored to your unique goals and circumstances.
  • 4
    Organizational Development and Change Management
    We work with your team to develop customized solutions that will maximize your organization's potential and improve your ability to adapt to change
  • 5
    Capacity Building and Training
    We provide customized training and capacity building services to help your team build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed
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